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XL Farmcare Ltd

We are pleased to announce that XL Farmcare South East Ltd was awarded the contract for delivering TB testing in the South East Region of England.

From 1st May 2015 all new TB testing and other Official Veterinarian (OV) work in England will be undertaken by five regional suppliers: XL Farmcare North Ltd; XL Farmcare Midlands Ltd; XL Farmcare South East Ltd; XL Farmcare Devon and Cornwall Ltd; XL Farmcare Wessex Ltd.

These delivery partners will be responsible for allocating local vets and ensuring testing is carried out to a high standard. This will help to drive up standards and ensure the ongoing quality of testing for animal disease.

Our practice lies within three of the regions - Midlands, Wessex and South East.

Farmcare South East Ltd has been set up by us and three other XLVet Practices in the region, with Sam Baldwyn being one of the Directors. 

There will be no change in the service provided by us; however, it is and still will be up to you to call us to organise your own test!