General and Specialist Services for Farming Industry


Our farm department aims to provide an up-to-date, proactive and affordable veterinary service to its’ farm clients' to meet the ever-changing and huge challenges of the modern farming industry.

We want to work with farmers to improve their livestock health and aim to do this by:

*Ensuring your stock is healthy, allowing you to improve your farm margins through cost effective management

*Providing you with a team of highly motivated specialist farm vets

*Sharing our knowledge with you using our FarmSkills training workshops and educational meetings

*Offering a prompt and effective emergency service using our farm team

*Using our management programs we can analyse the performance of your farms

Our Farm Services include:

  • 24 hour Emergency Service
  • Herd and Flock Preventative Health Planning
  • On farm disease investigations and control (pneumonia, scour, mastitis, lameness, metabolic disease etc.)
  • Regular farmer meetings - to discuss topics such as cattle fertility, game-keeper advice, worm and fluke control and wormers
  • FarmSkills training workshops throughout the year
  • TB Testing - Government and Pre-Movement
  • Routine herd fertility visits
  • Interherd and Total Vet for performance analysis
  • Bull and ram fertility and semen examinations
  • In-house laboratory
  • Husbandry procedures including disbudding/dehorning, castrations, foot trimming
  • Farm Shop at Hook Norton supplying competitively priced drugs, wormers, vaccines and fly control, and backed up by our SQP/AMTRA qualified staff
  • Monthly newsletters; highlighting seasonal topics, special offers and forthcoming events
  • Member of XLVets UK Ltd (